Meet Tiffany Ogden, Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, MSW , LICSW

My Background
I am a licensed independent clinical social worker who has served individuals and families for over 10 years in the twin cities area. During my years of service, I have assisted others in finding hope and strength in the midst of challenging life circumstances. I have found that renewal and hope are accessible to anyone ready to take the first steps in the process. The first step is reaching out for help; the rest will follow as the path becomes clear.

After providing in-home therapy for 5 years, I know that “no man is an island”. Each of us is affected by the environment in which we live, and we are a dynamic force on those with whom our lives touch. For this reason, in my work I utilize not only a systems perspective but also a strengths-based one in which people can find hope to come through their personal struggles and can learn new ways of being.

My Approach
Have you ever noticed times in your life when you seem to go down the same road you’ve been down before? -Perhaps it was yelling at your partner, berating yourself for not meeting your own goals, avoiding taking care of something you know you should, or comforting yourself in a way that’s not so positive-too much food, drink, or shopping, for example. Have you ever considered what you were telling yourself before going down that road? -Or that the feelings and behaviors that you experienced were linked to those thoughts? This is the essence of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and, as your therapist, I will help you make sense of those patterns and find new ways. Together, we can find a better path for you.

More About the Therapist
I strive to nurture a supportive, open environment; this includes sharing some information about me. I have a Master of Social Work degree with a specialty in direct practice with individuals and families, obtained in 2003 at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My undergraduate work at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota focused on psychology and on individual and family studies. I am a long-standing member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Minnesota Social Service Association.

In addition to my passion for working with others therapeutically, I also enjoy exploring the large questions of life and spirituality. Other pursuits include my passion for cooking and baking; I love to nurture my friends and family with good treats! Reading and running are also great interests of mine.