What would you say if I told you that you could hope again? That you don’t need to be controlled by your fears? That you could find relief from worry? That your relationships with your spouse, your friends, or your family could be improved? Renewal is possible. Your life, your relationships, and even your way of seeing life can be different.

Taking the first step can be the most difficult. Doubts and fears that things couldn’t change, couldn’t get better, may be barriers. At First Step Counseling, LLC., I understand these barriers and am willing to walk by your side as you face them and discover hope in the possibilities for your life. My role is to provide support, direction, new options, and fresh perspective as you face the concerns and struggles that have plagued you, whether they are relationship-focused, of a spiritual nature, or mental health difficulties.

My specialties include pre-marriage and post marriage counseling, couples therapy to address current concerns and stressors and to strengthen bonds and relationships, and mental health therapy for individuals, families, and groups, especially related to today’s stressors and anxieties. I work from a cognitive behavioral perspective with grounding in spiritual faith. I focus not only on strengths but also on one’s role in producing change in one’s life.